Office Furniture Removal

Junk Crusaders Office Furniture Removal

Trying to get rid of your old office furniture can be a hassle, but with Junk Crusaders, office furniture removal is quick and easy. Our team can take the burden off your hands! We have a strong and capable team with all the equipment needed to safely remove heavy, cumbersome objects. We also have the truck to haul it off and get it out of your life for good! Your office furniture could be gone before you know it and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Quick Turnaround

Are you just sick and tired of your filing cabinet getting in your way?  We understand! Luckily, we can have your unwanted office furniture gone before you know it. Our removal services are always timely, and with same-day and next-day appointment times, your office furniture could be gone in hours! So, schedule your appointment time today, and we’ll have your office furniture gone by tomorrow!

There’s no reason to put it off any longer when you can have this task checked off your to do list in no time at all! Plus, as a full-service office furniture removal provider, we will take care of all of the heavy lifting.

The Cost of Office Furniture Disposal

When it comes to office furniture removal, we only price based on the amount of space your furniture takes up in our truck. Most of the time, this falls into our minimum truck load price of $95. However, you should speak to our team about an estimate for your filing cabinet removal so we can give you our best estimate.

With Junk Crusaders, you never have to worry about hidden costs or fees. That’s because we don’t have any! We also never raise the price of a job we quoted at the end of the removal. Our transparent pricing is provided upfront, which means you always know what to expect at payment time.

Contact Junk Crusaders Today

Ready to reclaim your office without breaking your back getting rid of your old office furniture? We’re ready to handle the job safely. Not only can we remove your unwanted office furniture, but our team can also save you from the injury you’d likely have from dragging bulky furniture items out on your own. We’ve been trained to move heavy objects the right way!

Let’s get in touch!  We can set up your filing cabinet pickup and removal at a time that works best for you.  All you have to do is make an appointment online or call our team.

About Office Furniture Removal with Junk Crusaders

  • Call our team or use our online booking tool to begin scheduling your appointment.
  • When we see your unwanted office furniture, our team will be able to give you a firm quote on the cost of the job.
  • Once you approve the quote, we’ll get your old office furniture out of the way!