Junk Removal in St. Louis

Who isn’t familiar with the beauty of St. Louis? On the shores of the Mississippi River, with the Gateway Arch towering above for all to see, this is one city that can’t be missed. That’s why you can count on us to provide the junk removal in St. Louis that you need. We’re Junk Crusaders, and we’re ready to take the battle against junk to your home or business.

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When it comes to our line of work, you get acquainted to all sorts of junk much more quickly than you’d expect. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our What We Take page to see the sorts of junk we’ve dealt with before. Heavy refrigerators, washing machines, and related appliances, sometimes located upstairs? Yep, we’ve done that. Piles upon piles of difficult-to-carry furniture? We’ve done that, too. Dilapidated old hot tubs? You know it.

Point is, no matter what you want us to do during your junk removal in St. Louis, we’ve probably done something similar before. That’s because we’re seasoned junk haulers that know what they’re doing. So let us show you our expertise by giving us a phone call and scheduling an appointment today. We’re just what you need to resolve your junk dilemmas.

Junk Crusaders founder Dave Sturguess with his junk removal truck
About Us

Though the real Crusades ended centuries ago, there’s another type of crusade that’ll never end: the war against junk! And, when it comes to battling off junk, you could even consider us seasoned veterans. Having served St. Louis and nearby service areas for years, we’re always ready to take on the next challenge available to us.

We’ll Take on Your Junk Removal in St. Louis!

Let’s make that next challenge yours. After all, you’ll save yourself plenty of time and effort by doing so. Why bother straining yourself when you could let us do the work and take a trip to one of St. Louis’s top-rated restaurants instead?

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The Junk Crusaders Difference

There are a lot of big name companies out there who almost seem to expect people’s business without acting like they want it (You might even be able to think of a few, but we won’t say any names). Fact of the matter is, these chain businesses have turned the process of junk removal into a soulless routine. That’s not now things should be—after all, every job is different, so they should be treated as such! Junk Crusaders gives you the custom service you need for your junk removal in St. Louis and gives you the courtesy that big names simply can’t.


Our hauling truck is 12 feet long, five feet tall, and eight feet wide. That means we can haul in one load what regular pickup trucks would need ten loads for. What does that have to do with pricing? Well, it means that we can charge you less than our competitors—because we’re taking less trips! We also give you a price estimate as soon as you call, meaning you get a good idea what the cost is well ahead of time, and you can pay with cash, check, and credit card.

Trust us, you’ll like what you hear—we prioritize giving you a fair and affordable price. 


When you pick up the phone and give us a call, you’re that much closer to working with our incredible team here at Junk Crusaders. You’ll get a taste of our trademark friendliness right off the bat when one of our employees answers the phone. From there, we’ll talk about the details of your St. Louis junk removal, schedule an appointment, and that’ll be that! Are you excited imagining all that junk off your property? That’s a sure sign you need to start today!