Junk Removal in Chesterfield

Our same and next-day junk removals make cleaning up quick and easy for our customers. Let us help you get it done in Chesterfield by giving us a call today.

Junk Removal in Chesterfield

It’s so easy for junk to pile up and become a mess over time. You may not even realize that a gradual buildup of junk is happening in your home. Once it’s there, it’s a pain to get rid of. You might ask, “How am I going to load all this junk by myself? Where am I even going to take it?” You don’t have to worry about any of these questions with the help of your neighborhood junk removal team at Junk Crusaders.

Reclaim Your Free Time

With all the extra time you’ll have after contacting us, you could be biking the Monarch Levee Trail or hanging out with the butterflies at the famous Missouri Botanical Garden. The time is now when it comes to clearing your home of junk. With our help, you’ll be living in a completely transformed space!

Junk Crusaders trucks
Who is Junk Crusaders?

It’s time to make Chesterfield a junk-free community with the help of Junk Crusaders. We are a locally owned and operated junk removal service outside of St. Louis dedicated to exceptional customer service and hassle-free junk removal. Our team is professional and knowledgeable about all things junk removal.

We Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

Our job is getting all the heavy lifting done so you can sit back. We try to ensure a great experience for all of our customers by going above and beyond to treat you and your home with respect. We genuinely enjoy being the ones who close the gap between you and a cleaner home! So, let us do what we’re good at by trusting us with your junk.

How Does Junk Removal Work?

Most likely, Junk Crusaders can handle any kind of junk you put in front of us. Our services cover a range of things like furniture removal, shed or deck demolition, garage clean outs, and a ton more. We pick up almost any kind of item as long as it isn’t hazardous or dangerous to our team. Before we come to your property, we’ll ask you what kind of junk you need to have removed. From there, junk removal in Chesterfield is really easy.

Our Quote Is Our Word

Once we see your junk, we’ll offer you our best and most honest quote. If you like what you hear, we’ll begin removing your junk and loading it straight onto our truck. You don’t have to lift a finger!

When Can I Get Started?

Junk removal is so easy! Now that you know how it works, you’ll be checking your calendar immediately! Scheduling junk removal pickups with us is simple. All you need to do is call or use our online booking tool. We have 2-hour appointment windows you can choose from. We always show up during that time window, making it easy for you to find a convenient time to meet us without waiting around.

With your junk gone, you’ll feel like a new person.  Let us be the team that does the task you’ve been putting off. You won’t regret letting Junk Crusaders handle all of your junk removal needs in Chesterfield.

Your Simple Junk Removal in


  • Call Junk Crusaders at 314-365-8177 to book your electronics removal now!
  • We’ll check out your electronics and give you a firm, upfront quote.
  • When you’re ready, we’ll get those old electronics out of your way. We’ll even haul them off to be recycled when we’re done.
  • You can pay with cash, check, or credit cards!
  • That’s all there is to it!