Junk Removal in Ballwin

There’s no reason to fret when you’re in Ballwin and you need junk removal fast. Why? Because Junk Crusaders is just up the road, and when it comes to junk removal in Ballwin, we’re always ready to swoop in and save the day. Our team is always up to the task!

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Here in Ballwin, it’s nice to go for a walk every now and then and enjoy the sights. Going from place to place without a care in the world? It’s relaxing. But what about these other companies that try walking all over you? Treating you like dirt, being entirely careless themselves? Don’t you wish you could find junk removal in Ballwin from a team that treats you like a person? Like a community neighbor, even?

Well, the search is over. We’re Junk Crusaders, the region’s number-one junk removal business, and we’re ready to help you. Operating out of St. Louis, we’ve helped people in all sorts of service areas around the region. Think you might want to be our next success story? Then don’t delay—give us a phone call and we’ll get started together. You’ll be glad that you chose Junk Crusaders, guaranteed!

Scheduling an Appointment

When we pick up the phone and answer your call, we’re prepared to start planning the specifics of your junk removal in Ballwin. A few questions will suffice for us—that way, we can wrap up quickly and you can go back to what you were doing. Before the call ends, we’ll let you know the cost estimate for the job, a price which we think you’ll agree is more than fair.  We’ll also give you a 2-hour arrival window so you know when we’re going to show up. So, with your expectations set, you’ve successfully scheduled an appointment with Junk Crusaders! Take a breather, check out Castlewood State Park, and enjoy yourself. Before too long, your junk removal solution will be there to help!


Pricing, like most other things, becomes more frustrating the more convoluted it gets. Take a look at some of these other businesses’ complex pricing methods, and you’ll see what we mean entirely. Labor fees here, utility fees there…extra costs on specific days of the week…it’s enough to make your eyes roll!

Our way of going about things is a lot different, and a lot easier. See how much space your junk is going to take up in our truck? The price of the job is set accordingly. That’s it! No sneaky tactics, no contractual mumbo-jumbo. Just an upfront quote for your Ballwin junk removal that’s both affordable and fair. Payment is easy with cash, check, and credit cards.

Junk Crusaders founder Dave Sturguess with his junk removal truck
The Day of Your Appointment

Firstly, expect a courtesy call from us as we approach your property. That way, we don’t catch you in the middle of something, like walking the dog. Then, once we arrive, we’ll introduce ourselves and ask to see the junk. Show it to us, and Junk Crusaders will begin calculating your final quote right then and there. Finally, once you’ve agreed to the quote, our team will get to work with a smile. The way we haul junk out of your house can almost be mesmerizing to watch. Plus, seeing that clutter vanish before your eyes is a treat in its own right.


With us, there’s never a reason to attempt your junk removal in Ballwin on your own. We’ve seen what can happen when people try to cram it into their schedule. Scratched-up floors and walls, broken belongings, and even a few twisted ankles! Dealing with heavy and hard-to-lift junk can be quite the chore. So why not let the pros do it? Junk Crusaders will have everything well under control!