Junk Removal in St. Charles

Junk Crusaders is the right junk removal service for all of your junk removal needs in St. Charles. We do full service junk removal, hauling, and demolitions.

Junk Removal in St. Charles

Home to the famous Katy Trail as well as a historic shopping district, St. Charles is a place that should be spent having fun and relaxing. However, the pros at Junk Crusaders understand that it’s hard to relax when you have so much junk to worry about.

Handling all your junk just got simpler. With help from a team of pros, you can take care of your junk much quicker and easier than if you tried to remove it by yourself. Our team does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’re trained, insured, equipped, and ready to haul all of your junk away from your home for you.

This is the perfect time to regain control of your home and feel less cluttered. Whenever you’re ready to part with your junk, we’re ready to answer your call.

Junk Crusaders founder Dave Sturguess with his junk removal truck
Who is Junk Crusaders?

Junk Crusaders is a one-stop-shop for all things junk removal in St. Charles. Whatever your junk removal needs are, we can help! Our team is trained to deliver the best possible junk removal experience to you. During our visits, we are professional, timely, and hard-working! Most likely, whatever you need gone is one of our specialties! So, let the pros take this burden off your plate.

Our services extend beyond just picking up junk. We can take apart and demolish all sorts of large items or structures like decks and sheds. Basically, we can do it all.

How Does Junk Removal Work?

Junk removal is a really broad term. We do furniture removal, yard clean ups, attic and garage clean outs, shed demolitions, hot tub removals, and so much more. When you have something like one of these items that you want to get rid of, you can make an appointment with Junk Crusaders to have it removed. Our ability to offer same or next-day pickups makes us a convenient choice for anyone who’s just sick of their junk and eager for it to disappear.

When we see your junk, we’ll give you an honest quote so that you’ll know what to expect when it’s time to pay with cash, check, and credit card. Junk Crusaders never slips in extra hidden fees or anything sneaky. We’re totally transparent with you!

When Can I Get Started?

We bet you’re reaching for your phone right now! As soon as you’re ready to say goodbye to your stuff, we’ll show up with all the equipment we need to get the job done.

You’re going to love the change you see after your space has been cleared of junk and straightened up! The transformation will make you feel like a whole new person. We’re always happy to be the team that provides this kind of relief to our customers and can’t wait to work with you!

Get Your Junk Removal in

St. Charles

  • Give Junk Crusaders a call at 314-365-8177 to get started and schedule your appointment.
  • Our team will provide you with an upfront no-obligation quote on your junk removal.
  • Junk Crusaders will get started on removing your junk as soon as you show us what needs to be removed and approve of your quote.
  • We can handle the rest from there, including hauling your junk to donation centers and recycling when possible!