St. Louis Fence Removal

Affordable Fence Removal with Junk Crusaders

Junk Crusaders is a local junk removal provider offering a variety of affordable services, like fence removal, to our St. Louis community. You shouldn’t have to compromise to receive the highest quality home renovation services. We can accommodate your schedule to help you realize the full potential of your home. If you have questions about what we take, our service areas, or the fence removal process, give us a call at 314-365-8177. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you get scheduled for your appointment

Junk Crusaders owner in the truck
Why Junk Crusaders?

As a locally owned and operated junk removal company, Junk Crusaders is committing to providing our community with unbeatable home services. When you hire us to handle your fence removal project, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest quality service possible. As a way to better St. Louis and the surrounding communities, we donate and recycle whatever items we can. For eco-friendly and affordable service, give us a call!

St. Louis Fence Removal Pricing

For a junk removal and light demolition service you can trust, you need Junk Crusaders! Our friendly, uniformed team will provide you with a call 30 minutes before arriving at your front door. Once we are able to see your fence in person, we can assess how much space it will take up in the back of our truck. You’ll be provided with a firm, no-obligation quote for the price of your service. Once you’ve approved the quote we provide, we’ll quickly get to work removing your fence!

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Are you ready for your hassle-free appointment to be completed? We have the tools and know-how to assist you! To schedule your appointment, call us at 314-365-8177. Alternatively, you can use our online booking tool to save $20 off your service. If you want your fence gone quickly, you need Junk Crusaders. With same-day and next-day appointment availability, we can easily check fence removal off your checklist. Don’t delay, call us today!