Junk Removal in Creve Coeur

Junk Crusaders can solve all of your junk problems. Junk removal in Creve Coeur is now more convenient than ever!

Junk Removal in Creve Coeur

We may not mean to, but sometimes we slowly start to collect junk in our homes. If we aren’t careful, it’ll pile up and overwhelm us with frustration. Cleaning out the house and yard of our messes is hard work, and no one really has time to do it. That’s why Junk Crusaders takes some of the pressure off. We can’t tell you what to keep or get rid of, but we can load up your unwanted junk in our truck and dispose of it for you. What a time saver!

Our full-service junk removal comes right when you need it to, and there are so many types of junk we can help you with! From Creve Coeur’s many historic sites to its recreational parks, we service the whole area.

Junk Crusaders owner in the truck
Who is Junk Crusaders?

Junk removal in Creve Coeur is so simple with Junk Crusaders. We are locally owned and operated and prepared for any junk you could possibly think of. We understand how stressful junk removal can be, especially if you’re short on time or manpower. We also know no one wants just anyone entering their home and touching their belongings.

Our Expert Team

We train our team to handle junk responsibly and safely. Our team members will always be respectful of you and your home and strive to deliver the best customer service they can!

Junk Crusaders will be in and out with your junk before you know it. There’s no easier way to get rid of your unwanted stuff than by letting the pros make it all disappear before your eyes.

How Does Junk Removal Work?

Junk Crusaders’ junk removal process is painless. Our team does all of the heavy lifting and labor so you don’t have to do a thing! Your only job is to schedule an appointment and point us toward your junk. We do all of the lifting, maneuvering, loading, and hauling off of your junk.

Our removal services cover all sorts of items. If you need it gone, there’s a good chance we can haul it for you. We remove furniture, appliances, old TVs, rugs, mattresses, toys, clothes, yard waste, trash, and a ton more!

Hazardous Waste

The only things we won’t accept are items that are hazardous in some way or could be dangerous for our team to haul. Most likely, we can haul any of your household junk! While we do, we’ll demonstrate our exceptional customer service and professionalism. It’s our priority to stand out and make sure your junk removal experience is smooth and painless.

When Can I Get Started?

Now that you see how simple it is, you’re probably ready to be junk free! To schedule an appointment, you can book online or call us. We have 2-hour appointment windows you can choose from, so it’s easy to find a time that works for you. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so we’ll always show up during your appointment window and even call you when we’re on the way.

How It Works

When we see your junk, we’ll give you a no-obligation estimate and make sure you know our prices up front. When you accept, our team will start making your junk vanish into our truck without any hassle for you. Call or use our online booking tool to become junk-free by tomorrow!

Get Your Junk Removal in Creve Coeur

  • Call Junk Crusaders at 314-365-8177 to get started and schedule an appointment.
  • Our team will give your our best quote before we begin. We’ll never raise prices on the items we quoted.
  • Junk Crusaders will start making your junk vanish while you sit back and relax.
  • We handle the rest, including hauling your junk to donation centers and recycling plants.