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Spring Clean on Your Schedule

Spring cleaning gives us the opportunity to start fresh every spring season, but sometimes our schedules are too full to do the thorough job we’re wanting to do. If time is a limited resource for you, this blog will walk you through how to spring clean, whether you’ve got an hour or a whole month! A quick and easy way to transform your space in the spirit of “spring cleaning” is to remove your unwanted, bulky household items, like furniture. Want the job done quickly and easily? That’s where Junk Crusaders comes in. We’re St. Louis’s best choice for junk removal and demolition! Just point to what you want removed, and we’ll haul it away; your junk could be gone as early as today with our same and next day booking options.

If you’ve only got an hour…

Stick to doing a light sweep throughout the house, or pick one room you want to clean more thoroughly. Select tasks that won’t require you to wait, like mopping the floors or washing linens; opt for something you can tackle quickly. For example, dust or tidy up your living room furniture. Cleaning a central room, like your living room, is a good choice since it’s centrally located and has a lot of foot traffic. A kitchen clean-up is another great choice, especially if you have an open concept. You should be able to break up your hour so that you can do both!

Today.com has an interactive article to cleaning the bathroom in an hour or under, for a more comprehensive guide.

If you’ve got a day…

You can easily accomplish your annual spring clean in a day if you stick to a pre-planned schedule. Following a checklist can help you know what you need to get done without putting much thought into it. A day is a great amount of time to assess what you’d like to keep, donate, or have removed. Junk Crusaders makes junk removal in St. Louis easy! Image the potential of your home after you’ve consolidated your things and open up space for new projects or room for entertaining.

If you can dedicate a whole weekend…

Complete your spring clean little by little to have the job done in a weekend. Be sure to get the whole family involved as well to make the process go by quickly. Once you’re finished, you can grab takeout for dinner or schedule a fun family outing, like Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at the St. Louis Zoo! Make sure to commemorate your accomplishments, and enjoy the spring weather.

Prep on Friday

You likely won’t have as much time on this day to clean anyway, so it’s a great opportunity to make sure you have everything you need and start your spring cleaning without running into any avoidable problems. Assemble the necessary cleaning supplies and determine where you’ll want to send any donatable items. If you have larger items you’re looking to get rid of, like bulky furniture, schedule an appointment with Junk Crusaders for junk removal in St. Louis.

When Saturday rolls around, finish any of the overnight jobs you started on Friday

Since you’ve stockpiled gloves, cleaning cloths and products, you can easily access what you need to clean up. Put clean sheets on the bed, but first, go ahead and flip the mattress. Dust and polish, working your way from the top to the bottom; this way, you can vacuum up afterwards if anything falls while wiping down ceiling fans or book shelves. Scrub your shower and sink, and take the opportunity to go through any medicine cabinets or under-the-sink storage.

Remember that everything you have left to do will be finished on Sunday, so don’t overbook yourself

Try to save this day for finishing your kitchen clean-up, and any living or entertainment room decluttering. Decide how thoroughly you want to sort through your fridge and pantry; however, we recommend removing all your items, wiping down the interior and tossing any expired items. You’ll have a better idea of what you have to work with, and know which items you need to restock.

Add any air fresheners, candles, and fresh flowers that you’d like as the final step.

For a week…

For a free printable checklist, click here.

Day 1: Clean the kitchen

Your kitchen probably gets the most use out of your house, so it’s important to give it a thorough clean more often than other rooms. Knock this item out on day 1.

Day 2: Organize your closet

Bring any spring and summer pieces out of storage and pack away your heavy winter coats and fall pieces.

Day 3: Tidy up the bedroom

Put new sheets on the bed and organize nightstand and dresser drawers that can get junky over time.

Day 4: Tackle the bathrooms

Scrub from top to bottom (and don’t forget under the sink or in the medicine cabinet!).

Day 5: Refresh the living room

Polish the living room furniture and give the floors a solid vacuuming.

Day 6: Let the light in cleaned windows

Dust any drapes or curtains and spray your windows with a streak free cleaner.

Day 7: Declutter the garage and car

Create more space by removing the items you’ve haven’t touched recently. Think “do I really want to keep this around?” If the answer is no, pack it for donation. Large items that may result in injury are best to have removed professionally by Junk Crusaders!

Good on time? Break it up over the month…

If you’re searching for a spring clean you can accomplish slowly over time, this is the option for you! Since time isn’t a constraint for you, you can easily accomplish one task a day. 30 days later and your spring cleaning will be done, but it won’t feel like you’ve lifted a finger!

Regardless of your timeline, spring cleaning is something we should all get around to! This guide can help you determine what schedule you’d like to stick to. Whenever you’ve finished decluttering and cleaning, Junk Crusaders can tackle any heavy furniture pieces or household items that you’d like gone. Good luck with your spring clean!